Frequently asked questions

How does it specifically work?

You will get a text message and email about every 2 weeks asking if you are still alive. If we do not get a response, we will keep trying for ten more days. The text of each subsequent message will increase in urgency. If we still get no response after this, we assume you are dead and return true to your API endpoint.

Is my info safe?

Yes. We will never share your email address or phone number. We use Stripe for payments, so we do not store your credit card information - it actually never even touches our servers.

Is my API endpoint public?

Only if you set it to be public in the control panel.

How can I rely on this service?

If we ever decide to close the service we will notify users well in advance. You can also regularly check the founder's endpoint here.

What are your terms of service? What is the privacy policy?

You can see read the terms of service here and the privacy policy here.

How can I get help or ask a question?

Please email

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